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Sports have always been a huge part of my life. I admire those that work hard and put their all into something. While sports is the platform, I believe training is what shapes a person. 

I always turn to the gym or track when I need to channel my energy into something positive. I don't have a 'journey' with working out. It's something I've done for over a decade.

I've trained at competitive levels for track & field with additional experience at CrossFit & UFC gyms, so I'm excited to share my knowledge on training.

As a certified personal trainer, my goal is to help clients mentally & physically become the best versions of themselves through working out. 

Customized Programs


EKD 1-on-1 Program

The EKD 1-on-1 program is for those living in the Philadelphia area that want to train in-person with Erin! 


  -  Total and exclusive access to Erin during training periods.

  -  Personalized guidance for workouts and nutrition. 

  -  All training sessions are tailored to your personal goals!


* In-person 1-on-1 opportunities are subject to mutual available times. 

The EKD 1-on-1 Online Program is an individualized program designed for your goals! This is not a generic plan that is sent to multiple clients. 


After a phone call or email exchange, Erin will assess your fitness level and design a program that can be done at the gym, at home or outdoors, depending on your preference.


Workouts can include cardio, lifting, HIIT, circuit, interval training, etc. The number of workouts per week depends on your schedule and goals. 

  -   Direct access to Erin!

  -   Total and complete guidance for all workouts. 

EKD 1-on-1 Online Program

The EKD Running Program is perfect for those trying to get lean, fast, or train for a certain race. This program will include specific workouts, weekly recommended milage, long runs, and recovery days to get you in peak shape. 

  -  Direct access to Erin!

  -  Limited availability to train in person if located in Philly 

  -  All ages welcome!

*Over my running career, I was a 5 minute miler focused on middle distance and distance events.

EKD Running Program


Select a program and email ErinKateDolanFitness@gmail.com.


Erin will contact you to devise a strategic & personalized plan. 

*Erin only works with clients that are result and goal driven. Availability is limited.
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